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MSM is best known as a safe, natural, side-effect free benefits for a vast variety of pains and inflammatory conditions. It's a natural solution for degenerative arthritis and back pain, to tender joints and headaches.  It reduces inflammation, naturally relaxes muscles, and helps reduce inflammation and helps relieve muscle spasms which are often caused by inflammation. With MSM the requirement for cortisol, the body’s own natural anti-inflammatory hormone, is reduced.  With reduced cortisol levels comes reduced inflammation. 



MSM is neither a medicine nor a drug.  It is a safe, natural, food grade source of sulfur found in many fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, fish, and legumes.  MSM exhibits very low levels of toxicity. Within limits, you cannot overdose with MSM because the body will take and utilize the sulfer it needs.  Sulfur is important for good joint health.  It is also a major component of certain amino acids.  One of sulfur’s unique roles is assisting in the formation of protein:  The bond that holds our connective tissue together.  The greatest concentration of sulfur resides in the muscles, skin, hair, and nails.  Taken orally or topically in a gel form, MSM has the ability to pass through various tissues and deliver noticeable benefits in a variety of ways.



MSM can provide a unique role in conjunction with daily workout and exercise routines.  MSM helps joggerinred.jpgprovide sulfur to create new flexible cells.  It has been shown to reduce discomfort and add flexibility while allowing fluids to pass through tissue more readily.  Often, the contributing factor is a lack of permeability and flexibility in the fibrous tissue cells. MSM increases the pliability and permeability to help equalize the pressure.  Taken immediately after a workout, many athletes and bodybuilders report significant reductions in the usual after workout soreness.   Aches in the knees, shoulders, or other joints are measurably reduced and delayed-onset muscle soreness is minimized.  Many users report adverse effects of the lactic acid cycle are lessened.



Many metabolic processes in the body depend upon methyl groups to generate energy. The methyl groups within the MSM molecule represent approximately 2/3 of the total molecule.  Anecdotal benefits report that when MSM is taken in sufficient amounts it provides additional energy.  When nutrients that donate methyl groups (e.g., folic acid, vitamin B12, and MSM) are taken, they can provide a wide range of health benefits.



In recent animal research conducted in Japan, MSM was found to act as an immunomodulator, preventing the immune system from mounting dangerous autoimmune responses to noxious stimuli.  It also prevented local inflammation to a significant enough degree as to halt an autoimmune reaction at the genetic stage of induction.  It appears to affect autoimmune responses, such as the immune system’s development of antibodies against its own tissues.  MSM has been shown to inhibit the development of abnormal antibodies to collagen, and to prevent production of rheumatoid factor and antinuclear antibodies (ANA).



MSM promotes healthy digestive function by boosting enzyme activity, building healthy tissue in the intestinal lining, and helping to restore normal peristalsis (bowel activity).  With appropriate daily doses, has been known to help ease chronic constipation.   At the same time, through sulfur conjugation, MSM binds with challenging food allergens and produces harmless substances that are then excreted.   This facilitates normal digestion and assimilation of a variety of foods that might otherwise prove allergenic.



Dr. Stanley Jacob, the world’s foremost expert on MSM has used MSM to treat respiratory conditions for over four decades with good success.  These include bronchiectasis, allergies, asthma, and emphysema.  He reported:  “The most interesting results were patients with emphysema who also had allergies.  Once they began taking MSM, they found that they did not require their antihistaminic medications, even when the pollen count was high.”  For sinusitis, Dr. Earl Mindell recommends utilizing MSM as a “first line of defense in protecting the lungs against infection, colds, bronchitis, and other pulmonary infections.”  According to Dr. Jacob, this is accomplished by adding MSM crystals to a saline solution and irrigating the nasal passageway. This application is often utilized to help minimize the incidence of snoring.



Sulfur is a mineral that nourishes healthy skin.  By keeping cells and tissue soft and permeable, MSM supports skin to serve as a second kidney and carry out its detoxification as millions of sweat glands excrete toxic substances.  It provides the sulfur necessary to help skin regenerate itself and remain youthful.  A major component of skin, hair, and nails is cystine, one of the sulfur-rich amino acids.  Studies show that MSM supplementation reduces the formation of scar tissue by normalizing the collagen cross-linking that creates scarring.  MSM doesn’t eliminate scarring, but it helps, and even many years after the formation of a scar, it may alter scar tissue in a positive manner.

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