Snoring Gel-out® MSM guide
USES Oral Flakes Topical Gel Usage Guidelines
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Purchase a 1.5 ounce saline solution and pour out ½ of the solution. Keep the extra saline for future use. Add water to replace the saline to again obtain a 1.5 ounce equal (1:1) solution of saline/water. Dissolve one teaspoon (1 scoop) of Gel-out® MSM flakes in the 1.5 ounce saline/water solution. Warming the solution provides a greater concentration of MSM that will dissolve into solution. This mixture provides a safe and effective method for managing snoring. Irrigate the nasal passages (4 to 8 drops each) 10 minutes to one hour before retiring for sleep. Occasionally a few people notice a minor ‘stinging’ sensation but get accustomed to it after just a day or two.


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